aquaroll filler tube

DIY Aquaroll Filler Tube

Follow our step by step instructions and you can make yourself this DIY Aquaroll filler tube. There are plenty of photos to show you the process, and it is cheap and easy to make. You’ll wish you’d made yourself one years ago! How we discovered we needed one Whilst collecting drinking water on various caravan …

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Caravan Stabiliser Fitting Instructions

Scroll down for my step-by-step caravan stabiliser fitting instructions, complete with photos that document each stage of the process, as I fit a stronghold caravan stabiliser to my caravan. Caravan snaking prevention In June we headed down to Cornwall in our Compass Echo 2 berth caravan. The little lightweight Compass Echo only weighs 650Kg (MRO) …

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The Pentewan Trail – Cornwall

Driving down the B3273 in Cornwall, we got our first glimpse of the beautiful Pentewan valley, home to the Pentewan Trail. Both sides of the road were flanked with trees, shades of green stretching as far as the eye could see. We saw the sign for Little Winnick caravan site, and turned in and set …

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pop top caravans

Pop Top Caravans

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about pop top caravans. Now I must admit, I wasn’t really familiar with them, so I decided to do a bit of research. Here is what I discovered… What are pop top caravans? A pop top caravan is much like a conventional caravan except for one major …

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folding caravans

Folding Caravans

So, in keeping with our exploration of different types of Caravan, today I’ll be looking at folding caravans… What is a folding caravan? Not to be confused with a trailer tent or folding camper (which are a cross between a caravan and a tent), a folding caravan is more like a conventional caravan with rigid sides …

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Air awning

Inflatable Caravan Awnings

Double your space with an awning: Lightweight caravans are fantastic and can make touring a real pleasure, but there’s usually a payoff for buying an easy-to-tow small caravan, and that’s space! But don’t worry there is a solution: an awning. Awnings can double the usable area of the caravan giving you more storage space for …

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what is a lightweight caravan | compass echo

What is a Lightweight Caravan

So, what is a lightweight caravan and why would you want one? As a lightweight caravan owner myself, I find that a pretty easy question to answer, so below I’ve laid out what I see are the major advantages of a lightweight caravan… ADVANTAGES OF A LIGHTWEIGHT CARAVAN You don’t need a big car: One of …

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