5 tips for looking after your caravan

small caravan cover

1. Keep your caravan covered

To avoid moisture, damp, dirt and UV damage it’s a good idea to cover up your caravan when it’s not being used. You could use a tarpaulin, but the best way of protecting your caravan from the elements would be to use a waterproof, breathable caravan cover that is designed specifically for your make and model of caravan.

2. Look after your tyres

A caravan spends most of its life parked in one spot and this can cause flat spots on the tyres. To prevent this from happening investing in a set of caravan tyre savers is a must. They support the tyres and help spread the load of the caravan.

3. Create good air circulation

When your caravan is going to be stored for long periods such as over the winter, it is advisable create good air flow to avoid moisture, damp and mold issues, so:

  • Make sure the kitchen and bathroom areas are clean and dry
  • Leave the fridge ajar
  • Remove seating cushions and either take them indoors or store them in a upright position in the caravan
  • Leave cupboard doors open

4. Drain the water system

Over winter make sure that there is no water left in the system, including the bathroom, shower and toilet. With a sharp frost any water left in the system will expand and could cause damage to pipes, water pumps, etc.

5. Look after your leisure battery

Keep any 12v leisure batteries fully charged. When the caravan is not being used it’s a good idea to isolate the battery from the 12v system, better still, remove the battery completely and store it in a cool dry place. Even with the battery removed it’s important to keep it fully charged, so every few weeks check the condition of the battery and if necessary put it on charge for a few hours.

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