DIY Aquaroll Filler Tube

aquaroll filler tube

Whilst collecting drinking water on various caravan sites my wife and I stayed on this summer, I came up against a couple of small yet inconvenient (and recurring issues). When filling the Aquaroll using a flexible filler pipe, I wasn’t always able to fit the ‘push on’ rubber end of the pipe to the water tap due to the varied tap designs, or some taps not having a suitable fitting for the ‘push on’ end of the pipe.

On a couple of occasions, with the water tap fully opened, the water pressure was that high that the hose would come flying off the tap, so I had to turn the tap down and stand there for ages waiting for the Aquaroll to fill, not much fun in the pouring rain let me tell you! Also it wasn’t always possible to position the Aquaroll close to the water tap (as shown in the picture above) so with the pipe fully stretched I would have to hold the end of the filler pipe to stop it coming out of the Aquaroll.

Whilst surfing the net, I came across a neat little DIY alternative to the flexible ‘push fit’ filler pipe, it will fit almost any water tap, can handle extreme water pressure so you can fill up in record time and will not come flying out of the filler hole in the water container. Want see how to make one for yourself? then read on.

Step 1.

I bought one length of 40mm diameter x 1500mm plastic water pipe from Wickes for £1.99 and a pair of bungee cords from the local pound shop.

Step 2.

I cut the tube to a suitable length. (I actually made two filler tubes one at 500mm and one at 700mm.)

I used a mechanical hacksaw to cut the tube nice and square. This wasn’t really necessary, I could have just used a hand held hacksaw.

Step 3.

With a piece of emery cloth, I cleaned up the cut end.

Step 4.

Using a 6mm drill bit, I drilled a hole approximately 20mm from one end of the tube…

…the hole was drilled all the way through the tube.

Step 5.

Next I dismantled the hooks on the bungees…

…and cut the end off.

Step 6.

Then I cut the bungee to a length of approximately 200mm…

…I then used a lighter to melt the ends of the bungee to stop them from fraying.

Step 7.

Next I threaded one end of the bungee through one of the holes in the tube (from the outside in)…

… and tied a knot close to the end. For neatness, the knots are in the inside of the tube.

I repeated Step 7 with the other end of the bungee and the other hole in the tube.

And that’s it. Two really easy and cheap to make Aquaroll water filler tubes…

…that will fit almost all caravan site drinking water taps.

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