Caravan repairs diy

caravan wallpaper repair

A cheap, quick and easy way to repair ugly looking holes in a caravan interior wall.

When we bought our caravan, it came with a couple of annoying little holes in the wall just in my eyeline. The previous owners had obviously screwed something to the wall and then decided to remove it for some reason. We thought about hanging a picture over the holes but they were in an awkward place and the picture would have looked odd. So I came up with a quick and simple fix I thought I’d share with you.

The first thing I did was to cut a small piece of the matching wallpaper from under the seat in a place that would never been seen.

Then I used a hole punch…

…to punch out two little dots of wallpaper.

Using a flat bladed screwdriver, I flattened the holes in the wall.

Then I put a blob of glue on the back of the dots…

…and stuck one over each hole.

This is the end result – can you spot the dots?


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