Folding caravans

folding caravans

What is a folding caravan?

Not to be confused with a trailer tent or folding camper (which are a cross between a caravan and a tent), a folding caravans is more like a conventional caravan with rigid sides and roof. With a folding caravan the sides fold in on themselves (much like a cardboard box) and then the the roof is lowered, this reduces the height significantly down to around 1.4m depending on the make and model.

A well fitted out folding caravan will have all the mod cons of a normal caravan, such as a cooker, fridge, toilet, cupboards, heating etc.

Take a look at the video below and you’ll see just how nice a folding caravan can be.

What are the advantages of a folding caravan?

Well as I see it, there are quite a few:

  • Most folding caravan will be lower than the average cars roof  which will create less air resistance, this is going to be good for fuel economy and visibility, especially when reversing. The reduced height of the caravan will also make towing more stable, and safer, especially in high winds or when being overtaken by a giant lorry on the motorway.
  • Another big advantage of a folding caravan is going to be storage. If you’ve got a big enough garage then a folding caravan can be neatly parked inside, protecting the caravan from the elements and keeping it secure. If you haven’t got a garage then at least having the caravan parked  in the front garden or on the drive is not going to block all the light out of your living room.
  • One final plus that I can think of, is that it’s going to be a lot easier to keep the roof clean!
What are the disadvantages of a folding caravan?
  • You cannot pull into a layby and quickly use the toilet or get something out of the fridge.
  • Also it does take a bit of time and effort to assemble/unfold – and would the interior get wet if you were erecting the caravan in heavy rain?
Folding caravan or non-folding caravan?

On paper the pro’s outweigh the con’s, and a folding caravan seems a great idea – but I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for one just yet, How about you?  Do you own a folding caravan?

Let me know your experience by leaving a comment below.

Folding caravan resources:

Gobur Caravans

Gobur caravans have the biggest range of new and pre owned folding caravan in the UK. They have been experimenting with the concept of folding caravans since the 1970s and they launched their first folding caravan in the 1980s. In their Carousel range, they have 10 models to choose from which are split into 3 categories, Slimline, Standard width and Clubman.

Campers and Leisure

Camping and leisure are a Hampshire/Dorset border based company, who have over 25 years of experience in the camping industry. They sell used trailer tents, popup caravans and folding caravans too.

3  used folding caravans under £4000 to look out for:

Gobur Carousel 10/2

  • Year 1991
  • Berth 2
  • Weight 750Kg
  • Length 14′
  • Width 6′ 10″

Esterel T39

  • Year 1992
  • Berth 4
  • Weight 725Kg
  • Length 16.9′
  • Width 6′ 8″
  • Folded height 4′ 8″

Rapido Orline 39

  • Year 1991
  • Berth 2-3
  • Weight 680Kg
  • Length 16.8′
  • Width 6′ 6″
  • Folded height 4′ 6″

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