pop top caravans

Pop Top Caravans

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about pop top caravans. Now I must admit, I wasn’t really familiar with them, so I decided to do a bit of research. Here is what I discovered… What are pop top caravans? A pop top caravan is much like a conventional caravan except for one major …

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folding caravans

Folding Caravans

So, in keeping with our exploration of different types of Caravan, today I’ll be looking at folding caravans… What is a folding caravan? Not to be confused with a trailer tent or folding camper (which are a cross between a caravan and a tent), a folding caravan is more like a conventional caravan with rigid sides …

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what is a lightweight caravan | compass echo

What is a Lightweight Caravan

So, what is a lightweight caravan and why would you want one? As a lightweight caravan owner myself, I find that a pretty easy question to answer, so below I’ve laid out what I see are the major advantages of a lightweight caravan… ADVANTAGES OF A LIGHTWEIGHT CARAVAN You don’t need a big car: One of …

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