aquaroll filler tube

DIY Aquaroll Filler Tube

Follow our step by step instructions and you can make yourself this DIY Aquaroll filler tube. There are plenty of photos to show you the process, and it is cheap and easy to make. You’ll wish you’d made yourself one years ago! How we discovered we needed one Whilst collecting drinking water on various caravan …

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DIY Caravan Repairs – Fixing Holes in Interior Walls

If you are looking to do some caravan repairs diy style, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we show you a cheap, quick and easy way to repair ugly looking holes in a caravan interior wall. The Problem… When we bought our caravan, it came with a couple of annoying little holes …

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Caravan Stabiliser Fitting Instructions

Scroll down for my step-by-step caravan stabiliser fitting instructions, complete with photos that document each stage of the process, as I fit a stronghold caravan stabiliser to my caravan. Caravan snaking prevention In June we headed down to Cornwall in our Compass Echo 2 berth caravan. The little lightweight Compass Echo only weighs 650Kg (MRO) …

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Caravan fridge repair

Caravan Fridge not Working? Troubleshooting Guide

Caravan fridge not working – then maybe we can help? Check out our troubleshooting guide (below). We found a fix for our fridge problem, maybe it could work for you too… So what happened with our fridge? Well, recently whilst we were on holiday in Cornwall our caravan fridge stopped working. It wasn’t staying cold …

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looking after your caravan -

Tips for looking after your Caravan

We’ve compiled our top tips for looking after your caravan – so that you can keep your caravan in good shape and ready to use whenever you need it. TIPS FOR LOOKING AFTER YOUR CARAVAN 1. Keep your caravan covered To avoid moisture, damp, dirt, and UV damage, it’s a good idea to cover your caravan …

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used lightweight caravan

Buying a Secondhand Caravan – 5 things to look out for

If you are thinking of buying a secondhand caravan, there are some things you need to be aware of. When looking around a caravan that you are thinking of buying, it is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of the moment and be swayed by the perfect layout or the overall look …

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