lightweight caravan

 5 Advantages of a small lightweight caravan

1. You don’t need a big car

One of the biggest advantages of a small lightweight caravan is that you don’t need a huge gas guzzling vehicle to tow it. 90% of the time you’re not going to be towing the caravan anyway, so owning a lightweight caravan means that you can drive around in a normal sized car when you’re not towing – just bear in mind the 85% rule when choosing a caravan and car combination: it is recommended that the weight of the loaded caravan should be no more that 85% of the cars kerbweight. For calculating towing limits this is a useful tool.

2. They are much easier to tow

If you’ve never towed a caravan before it can feel a little daunting, especially driving on motorways, down small country lanes, and of course, reversing! Towing a small lightweight caravan will make all these tasks much easier. With some of the narrower caravans available you don’t even need towing mirrors fitted to your car. Plus, it will cost less in fuel towing a lightweight caravan in comparison to a larger heavier model.

3. They are easier and cheaper to store

When your caravan is not being used it will need to be stored somewhere. Owning a small caravan makes it a lot easier to store as most small lightweight caravans can be parked on your drive. If you haven’t got room to store the caravan at home then the next option would be to use a good secure caravan storage facility. A lot of caravan storage is charged by the size of the caravan so owning a small caravan will be an advantage.

4. They are easier to manoeuver

Unless your caravan is fitted with a motor mover, manoeuvering a caravan can be hard work, especially on long wet grass. Choosing a lightweight caravan will make the task of hitching the caravan onto your vehicle much easier, and once you’ve arrived at the campsite, manoeuvering into the pitch will be a doddle!

5. You have more camping site choices

Touring and exploring the country in a small caravan can enable you to stay on some stunning campsites that you just couldn’t access with a larger caravan. There have been many occasions in the past when towing our little 10 footer that we followed a farm track down to some beautiful scenic spot that would have been impossible to access in a larger heavier caravan.

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