Inflatable Caravan Awnings

inflatable caravan awnings -

Double your space with an awning:

Lightweight caravans are fantastic and can make touring a real pleasure, but there’s usually a payoff for buying an easy-to-tow small caravan, and that’s space! But don’t worry there is a solution: an awning. Awnings can double the usable area of the caravan giving you more storage space for bikes, chairs, windbreaks, etc. An awning can also be used as a spare bedroom, especially in the hot summer months.

Traditional pole frame caravan awnings:

Conventional awnings use metal or fibreglass poles to create the main frame of the awning, then the fabric outer skin is attached to the frame and the caravan’s awning rail. We’ve used these type of awnings for years and they’ve served us well. The downside is that they can be quite heavy, and erecting them takes time and can be a bit fiddly and frustrating – especially if you’re doing it single-handedly. And of course, if you’re anything like me, you may find yourself staring at a pile of poles while you try and remember which one goes where! Which is why I was intrigued when I first heard about inflatable caravan awnings. What a nifty solution to these issues!

I was already pretty taken with the idea, so I did some research…

Inflatable caravan awnings

With an inflatable caravan awning, all the traditional pole framework has been replaced with an inflatable frame that is actually part of the awning structure. You just attach a pump (either manual or electric) and like inflating an air bed, the awning pretty much erects itself. That can’t be bad! Another advantage of inflatable caravan awnings is their flexibility in the wind. So, no more bent or snapped poles to contend with. I needed to know more…

How do you fit one?

Fitting an inflatable air awning to the caravan

Well, you just attach the air awning to your caravans awning rail, then peg down the corners using awning pegs. Then fit the air pump to the awning, and inflate! Once it is fully inflated, you peg down all other points and attach the guy ropes, and that’s about it!


So there you have it. Air awnings – who knew!  What a great idea. Ideal if like us you don’t stay on one campsite for long and like to tour. Hmmm… just attach a pump and let it inflate… and no more bent poles. I think I’m sold on the idea, how about you?

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